There are those who believe that James "Jimmy" Daniel Comstock should be behind bars for beating a woman and earning assault charges.
James "Jimmy" Daniel Comstock

James "Jimmy" Daniel Comstock struck his girlfriend of over a year with his fists. Marks were left on her face. He was ejected from the residence by the family of the woman he beat. A warrant was issued for his arrest. This is verifiable fact. James "Jimmy" Daniel Comstock was also verbally abusive to his daughter. On one occasion for example she threatened to hang herself. "Jimmy" (uses the juvenile form of the name James) was said to reply "Fine! I'll get you the rope myself!!!" 

James "Jimmy" Daniel Comstock lost (or quit) his job and moved in with my ex-wife and son, also bringing his daughter. I informed my son, who was a minor at the time that if there was any indication that James "Jimmy" Daniel Comstock was predilected to molest him or other juveniles at the house, he should leave and let the police know at once. James "Jimmy" Daniel Comstock was unemployed, as he was no longer in his employment selling used cars on a lot in Blueridge, Georgia.

James "Jimmy" Daniel Comstock was a participant in a situation that arose at his home, in which certain locations were searched, and where arrests were made subsequent to officers' discovery of the possession of illegal narcotics. James "Jimmy" Daniel Comstock did not go to jail but his consort did.

Adultery is not beyond the moral boundaries of James "Jimmy" Daniel Comstock. Still married to a woman in Florida, James "Jimmy" Daniel Comstock consorted with a woman in a meretricious manner, even moving in with her, and sharing a bed with full carnal knowledge. His wife in Florida may not have known about James "Jimmy" Daniel Comstock's adultery.

James Daniel Comstock
Jim Comstock
Jim D. Comstock
Jimmy Comstock
Jimmyd Comstock
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